It only takes a moment to see why Fresh Comfort Intimate Apparel is the perfect partner for women facing a variety of health and mobility challenges.  See what wear testers have said:

Marge M.

I am scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery in a few weeks and it was recommended that I find a bra with a front closure. After lots of research on the internet, I decided to try the fresh comfort bra--and immediately fell in love with it. Super easy to put on, offers great support and is comfortable throughout the day. I recently ordered two more and got a call from them to confirm that I had ordered the correct size (I didn't)--talk about customer service! They made the correction before sending it out so I didn't have to make a return. I am recommending this company to anyone who finds themselves needing shoulder surgery!

Dress Size: 16

Conroe, TX

Carol B. - Age: 73

These are the most comfortable bras I've ever tried. They fit like a second skin and don't pinch or bind. Having scoliosis, kyphosis and osteoporosis along with arthritis made wearing a bra a real pain - literally. These bras give me lots of support even with a DD size and I can wear them all day without pain. Thank you!

Dress Size: 14

Candler, NC

Kathy T. - Age: 60

I just got my first Fresh Comfort Easy Open front bra, and I love it! This is the first bra that I actually think I'll be able to handle wearing. I have fibromyalgia, and have very sensitive nerves and some days have trouble wearing clothes because it hurts to wear them. Especially bras!I usually go without, but there are certain shirts, dresses that I cannot do that. Now I can wear them thanks to this bra. You're a life saver! Thank you so much for making this bra. I have tried so many other bra's claiming to be"comfort bra's", or the "best bra you'll ever wear". They were NOT! This one truly is.

Dress Size: 16

Twin Lakes, MI

Cheryl S. - Age: 60

I buy Fresh Comfort Bras for my elderly Mom. She is 81,very thin and it is difficult to find a bra that fits. Most bras would not stay in place and would ride up. Last year we found Fresh Comfort Bras on the internet. I purchased two and she was so happy I purchased two more. A year later I am buying her three more! Thank You!

Dress Size: M

Baton Rouge, LA

Marian S.

I'm writing to let you know how much I enjoy your Fresh Comfort Seamless Boxers. I ordered one to see if it would fit. I ordered six more because they are more comfortable than the regular briefs in the store. Thank you.

Fort Atkinson, WI

Maria G.

This is the ideal bra for anyone who has suffered an upper-body injury and cannot utilize standard brassieres. It is EXTREMELY comfortable, to the point where one could sleep in it. I would highly recommend it -- was thrilled to have found it.


Chi O.

Hi, I just met you at the Richardson Health Fair. I'm an anal cancer survivor and finding this is great as I'll never be able to wear regular undies anymore due to groin burns. I'd like to take your brochures to my support groups and to oncology doctor office at UTSW next month. Can I purchase a pack to put in their waiting rooms? Many radiation docs are clueless. So it comes down to social workers nurses and wound nurses that deal with burns pts . Thanks I'm placing my own order today! I run and do obstacle races and I need all the help I can get not to irritate my skin. I'm 22 months post treatment so I guess burned skin will never be the same! So thanks for making something for us!

Richardson, TX

Lynn R.

I have fibro, along with arthritis and skin sensitivity. I was directed to this site by my husband. After reading everything on the site, I wrote to Maria Valencia to ask about these bras. She called me back and was so knowledgeable I couldn’t believe it. She’s like the Bra Whisperer! After talking to her, I decided to order one of each style and it was the best thing I ever did! These bras are so soft and comfy they’re like wearing a hug! (And all us babes need hugs!) They’re really easy to put on; you just put them on like a vest. I’m a plus-sized gal and I was concerned about how supportive they’d be. Let me tell you the zipper bra offers all the support I could want. I wear it when I’m going out of the house and it works great even under a T-shirt. The Velcro bra is a little less supportive due to its nature, so I wear it at home, which is when I used to have to go braless.

Harvest, AL

Terry H.

I was excited to find this velcro closing bra on the web! I am having rotator cuff surgery (2nd time), and wanted a bra that I could put on by myself without risking an injury. This surgery is very painful, and you are in a brace for 6 weeks. Having this bra will make me much more independent every day during my recovery. I've ordered two! They are soft, supportive, and provide modesty shields so you have comfort wearing them under delicate fabrics. Great product! Great service, too!

Dress Size: 12

St. Charles, IL

Jackie J. - Age: 36

I was privileged to have met Maria at the Disability Expo 2014 in Chicago. I have a neuromuscular disablity called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Although, I'm fairly independent, undergarments have been challenging to get on and fasten. Maria introduced me to the Easy-Open Front bra. This bra allows me to be independent in this area. I don't always have excellent range of motion and fine motor skill strength. Since this Bra uses Velcro and loops I'm able, no matter how I'm feeling, to securely close the Bra without assistance. I would highly recommend this Bra to anyone with range of motion or fine motor skill issues. In addition, Maria offers individualized customer attention. She's professional, encouraging, and highly efficient in providing you with what you truly need. Thank you Maria for everything! Sincerely, Jackie

Dress Size: XXL

Bloomingdale, IL

Marie M. - Age: 64

I love everything about this product. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and it doesn't bind me like a regular bra. I have spinal stenosis & had 2 back operations. I can put this bra on with no help at all. It's the comfort I'm most impressed with and no binding anywhere. Love it, no pinching anywhere.

Batavia, IL

Terri L. - Age: 57

I just purchased the most comfortable Bra. I have severe arthritis in my hands, which makes it very difficult to fasten it. This bra is very easy to put on and no wires or slipping straps! Very impressed. I will be purchasing more! I have wasted so much money on buying uncomfortable bras!

Dress Size: 8

Katy, TX

Joann S. - Age: 61

“I love my Fresh Comfort underwear. You have to check to make sure you are wearing anything! They are so smooth and soft with just the right amount of stretch, but not binding at all. The boxer style does not ride up in the legs nor roll down at the waist. I will be wearing them a lot!”

Dress Size: 2X

Grand Ledge, MI

Claudia R. - Age: 40

“I loved the fabric quality, the lightweight and seamless brief. It was very easy and comfortable to wear, it barely seems like you’re wearing a panty.”

Dress Size: L

Frisco, TX

Dalma A. - Age: 40

“I wore the zipper front bra after a surgical procedure. I was recovering from an upper abdominal area and loved it because it did not irritate my skin. I couldn’t wear my regular underwire bra because the band irritated my incision.”

Dress Size: M

Frisco, TX

Donna M. - Age: 62

“Most bra(s) are not comfortable and fail to support my heavy breast. Surprised by comfort and fit! The bra took a little practice to put-on, after a few times it was easy and comfortable.”

Dress Size: L

Dallas, TX

Lisa P. - Age: 36

“I tried the Fresh Comfort bra after a surgical procedure on my back, which left 7 stitches on my bra line area. My regular bra irritated the area so much that I thought I couldn't wear a bra at all, but after putting on the Fresh Comfort bra, I didn't feel a thing. The fabric and design is truly amazing. As the bra worked so well, I also tried the Fresh Comfort boxer. I usually do not wear underwear in this style, so I was skeptical. I am a believer now. The boxer is so comfortable, I can't even tell I am wearing anything! These products are amazing!"

Dress Size: 6

Lansing, MI

Theresa M. - Age: 67

“I was skeptical when I was first enlisted in the wear test because I thought these were too much underwear for me. I tried them because I wanted to help out since they are made for convalescent women. After I wore them for a couple of hours I was surprised how soft and confortable the bra and boxer felt against my skin. I’ve been wearing regular briefs and the elastic around the legs and waistband sometimes irritates my skin. The boxer and brief from Fresh Comfort did not roll or pinch my skin! I was so happy with the garment that I shared the information with my neighbors and sisters!"

Dress Size: 18

Mexico City, Mexico

Mary S. - Age: 64

“My daughter, age 45 is recovering from a stroke and the zipper bra has made it easy for me to dress her. I have a hard time with the small hooks regular bras have and it’s been difficult to find a bra that fits without pinching her around her midriff. This bra works well for her and me.”

Dress Size: 16

Fort Worth, TX

Marilyn L. - Age: 62

“The boxers and bras were so comfortable! I wear these as soon as I come home from my daily activities!”

Frisco, TX

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